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Bones, a little collection of poems


by Natalie Crick




A special edition featuring the poetry of


Natalie Crick, from the United Kingdom. Her poems have been published or are forthcoming in a range of journals, magazines and anthologies—including Interpreters House, The Chiron Review, Rust and Moth, Ink in Thirds, The Penwood Review and Lehigh Valley Vanguard Collections 13. This year her poem “Sunday School” was nominated for the Pushcart Prize.




Birds at the Burial


Near the riverbank where we

Buried her, I light a candle


And wait, patient as a hunter

Detecting what the beast will do


In the next moment.

Someone, somewhere, will see it.


Barn owls celebrate

Over their cathedral of bones,


Screaming skies clawed with crows.

The man asleep on his lumpy mattress


Has a head full of ghosts and

Sad, erotic dreams.


Gulls rise, small white banshees

Worshipping the sun.






I have to go back.

I have to keep searching


For something alive

Among the dead.


I am yet undecided

How to arrange


Her bones.

I want to conjure


The dark red throbbing heart.

Regrow her hair and teeth


The way they used to be.

Her legs are in my hands,


Cool to the touch

Like bottled milk.


Now tense with fear

I know you won’t return.






I had a doll once, which I hid in

A deep muddy place.


I left it there until

All of the paint flaked off the face.


It was never really

The same again.


I imagine

Death is something like that.