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The Lead Guitarist, poetry


First Edition: serialized in spark* (Vancouver, BC), 2000. 

Excerpt of the Work: Published in CHALLENGER international (Quesnel, BC), 2008. 

Second Edition: Published in An Introductory Creative Writing Program—Monograph Two (Academic Exchange Extra, 2009, January [University of Northern Colorado: Greeley, CO]). 

Third Edition: Island Scholastic Press (Quesnel, BC), 2014. 

Revised Edition: Island Scholastic Press (Sardis, BC), 2015. 


The Lead Guitarist (an excerpt) 

From a winter-scarred porch, 
I peer at the skyline— 
I’m a radar 
Scanning for altitude 
(Not that you should steer 
By radar: that’s like inviting rocks 
Into your hull). 

I see lines of Trans Atlantic 
As grey as poor rhythm 
And as long as Beethoven’s ninth. 
But I imagine them as 
Simply grey beasts, 
Or ship-punching fists, 
Or strings of blue hearts lost 
In Les Paul-pickups— 
Pickups that change finger-licking 
Into electric licks 
And screams. 

I scan the blue sky above 
The grey lines; 
I’m a Malibu surfer 
Sighting a dream-wave, 
A Cariboo logger 
Attacking lunch, 

And a sunbather 
With red shades. 

Before my day ends, 
I’ll turn the colour blue 
Into an overdrive- 

In spite of the ache— 
In spite of