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For The Math Gyze, poetry


First Edition: serialized in Academic Exchange Extra (Greeley, CO [University of Northern Colorado]), 2004. 

Second Edition: Island Scholastic Online (Quesnel, BC), 2009. 

Third Edition: CHALLENGER international (Quesnel, BC), 2011. 

Mathematics Edition: Island Scholastic Press (Quesnel, BC), 2011. Each mathematics professor at the University of British Columbia (UBC) received the collection as a gift. 

Dr. Nassif Ghoussoub, Professor of Mathematics at UBC, published an excerpt of 8 poems from For the Math Gyze, in his Piece of Mind blog (June 7, 2011). also published the excerpt of 8 poems from For the Math Gyze (Summer, 2011). 

Fourth Edition: Island Scholastic Press (Quesnel, BC), 2014. 

Revised Edition: Island Scholastic Press (Sardis, BC), 2015. 


An excerpt 

The Mathematics Professor 

He stops, mid- 
Equation-jumble, mid-thought, 
Eyes staring upwards, 
Scratching his Garfunkel head 
With one end of a chalk stick, 
Releasing white dust into his 

Snow builds up on plaid shoulders, 
Even on cracked leather shoes, 
Until he jerks into action, 
Filling the green board with 
Further hieroglyphica. 

This, in the auditorium of many seats, 
For a little clump of fourth-year 
Hyperbolic experts, 
Who have grown unmoved by these 
Blizzards that come 
And go.