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Están En Su Casa


First Edition: ETONSA (Johannesburg, South Africa), 2002.

Second Edition: Island Scholastic Online (Quesnel, BC), 2009.

Third Edition: Island Scholastic Press (Quesnel, BC), 2014.

Revised Edition: Island Scholastic Press (Sardis, BC), 2015.




Various poems in this collection have appeared in one or more of canadian content (Canada), A Journal of Contemporary Canadian Poetry and Poetics (Canada), *spark (Canada), Word is Out (Canada), The Cariboo Observer (Canada), Authors (Canada), CHALLENGER international (Canada), The Poet’s Corner (USA), Coffee Bean Shop (USA), The Journal (USA), Hidden Oaks Poetry Journal (USA), Waterways: Poetry in the Mainstream (USA), Poetic Voices (USA), Deepsouth (New Zealand), Current Accounts (England), Electric Acorn (Ireland), ars poetica (Australia), Redoubt (Australia), and Artslink (South Africa).




An excerpt




Once a Military Wonderland


Jezreel, desolate-

Layered in earth and


Hid Naboth’s blood,

Fed dogs

Jezebel’s torso,

Gave Elijah lungs

To condemn,

Boasted Ahab’s 70


In two piles by the city



Jezreel, unearthed by spade,

Of the Iron Age,

Dry moat

And great walls,


Jezreel gone

Like Ozymandias,

Solomon too.