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Literary Works Published by Island Scholastic Press (Editor: Dan Lukiv) 


Poetry Collections

Randall, K. (1998). Rocked on blood. [Canadian].

moss, d. (1998). a flowery pot in blue my room. [Canadian]. 

Willey, D. (1998). Dear teacher. [Canadian].    

Gotro, P. (1998). A book of days. [Canadian].

Vair, N. (1999). Polaris. [Canadian].

Wolff, E. (1999). The gift egg. [Canadian].

Anakiev, D. (2000). Leaves in water. [Slovenian].

Cameron, E. (2000). Jump rope rhyme. [American].

de Giacomo, R. (2000). Namdaemun sestina. [American, writing in Korea].

Hull, C. (2000). Point-blank-poor. [Australian].

Lindland, J. (2000). The wolves. [Canadian, living in Colombia].

Maier, K. (2000). The way life is today. [Swiss].

Shtromberg, J. (2000). Forgive us our sins. [Russian].

Zack, M. (2000). Post-Op. [American].

Gibson, C. (2002). Home. [Canadian].

Higgins, K. (2002). To hell and back. [Irish].

Luftig, R. (2002). Spring comes to Nova Scotia. [American].

Arnold, R. (2003). Shoes lost long ago. [Canadian].

Keis, J. (2003). I think too much. [Canadian].

Anderson, D. (2003). Hidden among the pine[Canadian]. ISBN 1-894976-08-8.

Guglielmo, D. (2003). Summer soliloquy. [American]. ISBN 1-894976-09-6.

Caughlan, J. W. (2003). A journey of discovery. [Canadian]. ISBN 1-894976-10-X.

Cui, J. (2003). To the butterfly, and other poems. [American]. ISBN 1-894976-14-2.

Vallance, R. (2003). Four sonnets. [Canadian]. ISBN 1-894976-15-0.

Kay, B. (2003). The forest fires of 2003. [Canadian]. ISBN 1-894976-16-9.

Mackenzie, D. (2004). This Aboriginal voice: Collected works. [Canadian]. ISBN 1-894976-18-5.

Khan, A. (2005). A fractal kind of love. [Pakistani]. ISBN 1-894976-23-1.

Brokos, M. (2006). The eye examiners office. [American].

Wink, R. (2006). Comfort for the modern. [English (England)].

Briggs, K. (2006). Riding shotgun. [Canadian].

Zeng, M. (2006). Luster. [American].

Benitez, L. (2006). The elephants afternoon and other poems. [Argentinean].

Stubbington, J. (2007). No chance, and other poems. [Canadian].

Benitez, L. (2007). Mighty cicadas and other poems. [Argentinean].

DeSarra, H. (2009). Driving Through Virginia In a Morning Fog. [American].

Spano, A. (2009). Snapshots. [American].

Worcester, N. (2010). A single moment, and other poems. [American].

Perchik, S. (2012). You won't yell across a tree. [American].

DeSarro, H. (2012). Perilous journey. [American].

Leadbeater, N. (2012). Bull in a China shop. [Scottish].

Smith, R. L. (2012). Life is more precarious than it seems. [American].

Brown, M. D. (2012). Choreographing words. [American, writing in China].


moss, d. (1998 [reprinted, 2013]). a flowery pot in blue my room. [Canadian].

Mackenzie, D. (2004 [reprinted, 2013]). This Aboriginal voice: Collected works. [Canadian]. ISBN 1-894976-18-5.

Vaughn, M. J. (2013). The problem with the carousel. [American].

Grey, J. (2013). On the horizon. [Australian, living in the USA].

Lause, S. (2013). The gift. [American].

Leadbeater, N. (2013). Repton fields. [Scottish].

De Canio, F. (2013). Metric musings. [American].

Perchik, S. (2013). Yes, the bones do have a cry. [American].

Belfiglio, G. M. (2014). Aim for the Gut. [American]. 

Woods, S. (2014). Star-Crossed Liars, and other poems. [Canadian]. 

Crick, N. (2017). Bones. [British (England)].



Short Story Collection

Simpson, J. (2009). Best Seller, a collection of short stories. [Canadian].


Scripts for the Classroom

 Island Scholastic scripts for teenagers. (2013).